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comixologist ([personal profile] comixologist) wrote2009-05-08 03:14 pm

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On my way to California! I'm at my dad's in NC making a brief pitstop before I head for NorCal tomorrow. I have many books to take with me and all my art supplies, in the hopes that I can churn out some hotness and maybe sell some commissions at Fanime. I haven't been up-to-date on my art folio in a while, so I am going to go through my stuff, try to finish a few things and polish them up.

Which reminds me that I have needed an online gallery of my art for like eighty billion years, so maybe when I return home I will begin the long process of scanning in everything I've done since - OH GOD, TENTH GRADE WAS ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO

O-okay. I've recovered from that shock. Kind of. Anyway, I'll post new art that I'm working on, and fic and a pin-up that I plan to contribute to my sister's Gundam 00 doujinshi, so if you're into that, keep an eye out. Oh yeah, and I need to write my thesis. And a paper on caricature. So I'll be doing that too. Maybe.